I am a photographer based in Milton Keynes. 

My interest in photography began back in the days of film with a Nikon FM2 and the wonderful Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI-s. This was the perfect introduction to photography as everything was manual. I was stunned by the results from my first roll of film. This made me hungry for more. I wanted to see just how good the images could get - I even went so far as to develop and print my own photos! I lived in London at the time which gave me lots of opportunity to take photos, experiment and develop as a photographer. This is how I learned my craft.  

I maintained a strong interest in photography as I grew up, came of age, got married, got a job etc. Unfortunately, I found I didn't have as much energy to invest in photography as I wanted to. Luckily the arrival of my son changed all that. He completely re-invigorated my interest and since then I've never looked back! My son is the reason that I picked my camera back up and re-discovered my passion for photography. 

When I am not out taking photos, I can be found playing / listening to music. (I play guitar and piano). I am also a massive cricket fan who's dream is to follow the England cricket team around the World!