Back to Basics

Most of my recent blog posts have been about experimental types of photography: long exposures, Lego macros etc. I love getting outside my comfort zone. It forces my to constantly re-evaluate my photography and push my boundaries. However, sometimes it's nice to go back to what you know. For me 'what I know' is portraiture. 

This week I had the opportunity to do a Mother's Day family portrait shoot. I had a fantastic time and am extremely pleased with the results. I was going for a natural, low key look to the shots which I think worked well. 

Fun Family Photoshoot

I recently spent a very enjoyable day doing a family photo shoot for one of the most warm and welcoming families I have ever met! The atmosphere was one of fun / goofing around, which meant some great shots were captured 'in between' formal shooting. I love it when this happens as this allows me to portray the true character of the people I am photographing. I had a great day and both I and the family were very pleased with the results.