Stowe Landscape Gardens

I decided to take today off to travel to Stowe Landscape gardens to experiment with long exposures. I recently acquired a Tiffen aXent ND 3.0 filter and this was my first time using it. I am very happy with the results - this is a great bit of kit! 

I had to screw the ND filter off every time I wanted to compose the shot which was a bit of a faff! I also had to ensure I focussed with the ND filter off and then remembered to switch to manual focus to before I took the shot, to make sure the camera didn't lose focus by trying (and failing) to acquire focus through the ND filter. There was also lots of duck poo to cope with!! I love these sorts of challenges (apart from the poo!) so had a great time. It started raining not long after I took this shot which brought the outing to a close.

Fun Family Photoshoot

I recently spent a very enjoyable day doing a family photo shoot for one of the most warm and welcoming families I have ever met! The atmosphere was one of fun / goofing around, which meant some great shots were captured 'in between' formal shooting. I love it when this happens as this allows me to portray the true character of the people I am photographing. I had a great day and both I and the family were very pleased with the results.

Spring is in the air!

Despite the recent cold weather, Spring is most definitely on the way! The sunny (but cold) weather yesterday provided the perfect conditions for a spot of macro photography.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

The branches were swaying in the wind which meant that I had to be patient in order to grab the shot! However, I think the results were worth it :-)


Looking forward to documenting the arrival of Spring as the weather continues to improve.