Fujifilm X-T2 - Hands on Impressions with Sample Images

I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with the guys from Fujifilm UK and the wonderful Chris Upton Fuji X photographer test driving the soon to be released Fuji X-T2. Here's how I got on:

The day began with a great introduction to Fuji and the X-T2 by Dale of Fujifilm UK. Needless to say he's pretty much got the best job in the world! Gets to play with all the latest kit and runs all the Fujifilm UK social media output. It's a hard life...

Next was a fascinating talk by Fuji X photographer Chris Upton. He took us through his photographic career and his transition from Canon Full Frame to Fuji. Needless to say his images are absolutely stunning (particularly his Thoresby Colliery set). I highly recommend you check out his work if you haven't already done so:


I particularly liked his A2 prints that he had on display. They looked absolutely stunning and served as confirmation to me that my decision to get into home printing was the right one. (There's nothing like seeing your image in printed form)

We were then given an X-T2 with battery boost grip each and told to 'pick a lens'. This really was kid in a sweetshop time! So many lenses - which to pick?! I went for the XF23mm  f1.4 R to start with, as my favourite lens on my D610 is the Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART and I wanted to see how this measured up. We then set out for The Embankment of the River Great Ouse in Bedford where we would spend the next 3 hours playing around with our X-T2s. We also had the luxury of being able to choose any lens at any time. It really was a fantastic opportunity! 

The first thing I wanted to test was the AF, as this was the area that I had most concerns around coming from a DSLR. From the first shot I could tell that the X-T2 was at least as good as my D610 in the AF department! Mirrorless has finally arrived. For my use cases I can see no down sides at all. Focus speed for quick 'grab shots', focus tracking of moving subjects, AF in tricky low light / low contrast situations - every time the X-T2 shrugged off the challenge with disdain. It can clearly take a lot more than I have to throw at it! Before I gave the AF a clean sheet, I wanted to confirm that the improved AF I was seeing was down to the newer generation lenses, or the X-T2 itself. So I stuck a first generation XF35/1.4 on. The results confirmed that the AF improvement was down to the X-T2 itself. The AF speed was much quicker with this lens than I am used to seeing on my X-T1. This alone convinced me to place a pre-order. 

The rest of the day just got better and better. I got spoilt using some very, very nice lenses and shooting a wide variety of different subjects. We finished the day by going through and printing a selection of our images. We even got to keep the memory cards so we could take the images home to have a play.

The following images are a small selection of what I shot on the day. Obviously, the location wasn't 'exotic' and the conditions were overcast / grey, but having said that, the pictures should still give an idea of image quality.

Hope this helps and that people found it interesting :-)